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  1. Structuring a PM team around a portfolio of products? Brilliant! Great perspective on all fronts in an easy read. Nice job.

  2. […] ideal sales tool is a container for your expertise—in business, technology, market, and domain. And then every sales person can distribute your knowledge directly to the […]

  3. What is your Product Management story?

    Every product manager has a unique path to the job. Some come from sales, others from development or support. The path often determines whether they are more technically oriented or marketing oriented. In my case, I majored in marketing with a computer…

  4. Is a product manager a real need for a startup? If not, what kind of profiles can do the same job?

    The CEO is usually the company’s first product manager but quickly becomes immersed in hiring, firing, financing, and other company issues. As a result, s/he cannot devote 100% of attention on the product.

  5. Thank you for giving words to my thoughts and giving so much text that make me say “ah” and smile while reading🙂 Would you make a difference between a product manager and a software product manager? BR Anna

    • Software is one form of product; professional services is another. A product manager job is to create a profitable business, whether the product is software, hardware, or people.

  6. Thanks a lot for being such a great story teller in my favorite topic; product management! In Sweden there are no university eductions being a product manager, but there are plenty of university educations to become a project leader. Why this difference? Do you have any idea?


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