I admit it. It’s fun to see the amazing endorsements from my list of professional friends.

linkedin recommendations

See more of my LinkedIn profile at Steve Johnson’s LinkedIn. Have you endorsed your friends lately?

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  1. I think it is all bogus. I have about 40 endorsements for “microsoft office”.

  2. @ganger2112 – Yes, but I bet you’re actually quite handy with MS Office😉

    Individually, I find them pretty useless, as an aggregate, I think they are interesting. They reflect what other people see your skills as, and overall, it gives a ranking of those skills. For example, at a glance, regardless of what Steve might write in his main bio, I can see that he’s more about Product Management than Public speaking, or Training, etc. Occasionally helpful to know.

    Besides, could be worse (or better, perhaps?). How about getting endorsed for ‘Kicking ass’!: http://www.musingsfromsussex.com/2013/09/09/linkedin-endorsements-go-well/


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