Define and deliver the right product right.

How do you get from idea to market quickly?

This is a question that concerns CEOs, CPOs, and heads of product teams. More specifically, how do you know it’s the right product idea? How do you empower your development and delivery teams to get the product into the hands of your customers?

The number of methods and frameworks for managing products is bewildering. Most organizations need a small number of living documents—fewer than 10—to manage their products and services. Today’s organizations favor minimal process, brief artifacts, and simple worksheets. Don’t you?

Nowadays I help product teams apply industry best practices to their portfolio of products with proven tools and methods customized to your priorities. I deliver a unique blend of storytelling, up-to-date methods, and decades of experience, all wrapped in highly interactive workshops.

Define and deliver world-class products… in under 10 steps.


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ASPIRE coverSo you’ve got an idea for a company or a product. Most often, the first step is to estimate the costs and revenues to see if you can deliver it profitably. But before you start running the financials, ask yourself, “Is this product a good fit for my organization?”

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Define and deliver world-class products… in under 10 steps.



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